I am a licensed Realtor working for RE/MAX Executive Group selling homes in Columbus GA, Phenix City and Harris County GA. I’m also a military relocation specialist helping our soldiers move withing a close proximity of the Fort Benning GA area.

The topic of this blog is to discuss “Why you don’t want to put a swimming pool in your mortgage” if you are building a new home.

I retired from a great career in the water treatment chemical industry after 33 years. After I retired, not only did I get bored, our son was accepted into law school. So I took the plunge into real estate and I offered to support him @ $0.50 on the dollar.

In other words he got a student loan for ½ of his law school expenses and I was able to pay “cash” for the other have by selling lots of homes in the Columbus GA area during the last 4 years.

And now back to the pool topic. I personally took care of our neighborhood HOA pool for 17 years. It was chlorine based treatment. It now has been converted to a “salt-water” pool.

Example of putting a pool in your home mortgage.

  • Say you want a medium sized pool 32’ x 16’. In our area this size pool generally costs $25,000-$35,000.
  • Using a $250,000 priced new home, with a 100%-VA mortgage loan
  • Using a 30 year loan @ 4.0% loan the principle & interest would be $1,194/month with $ 179,674 interest paid over the life of the loan
  • If you added the $30,000 pool into the loan the base payment would go up $143/month up to $1337, with the interest going up to $201,235 for the life of the loan.
  • The bottom line is that initial extra $30,000 pool on your mortgage would add extra interest of $51,480.This would equal to $81,480 for you pool. Therefore, you really paid 2.7 X that initial investment.

The moral to the story is the following: Either save your money and pay cash, or move to a neighborhood in Columbus GA with a HOA that often times have a pool, tennis courts or lake.

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