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This article will help people with homes for sale in Columbus GA, Phenix City AL and Harris County GA. The focus of this blog article is to discuss how aerial drones, excellent pictures and vehicle wraps helps marketing web presence in real estate. This is based on my experience in sales as I started my sales career back in the late 70s in 1979. Therefore, I had 33 years of sales experience with the major chemical company calling on industrial accounts in four states. Once I retired and didn’t like it, I decided that I wanted to explore the world of real estate. My neighbor told me that I had too much talent to lie on the couch. I studied for five months and passed the Georgia exam on my second attempt.

Now that I have almost 8 years of experience representing homes for sale in Columbus GA, Harris County GA and Phenix City AL, I want to share the highlights of lessons learned. The residential real estate market in Columbus Georgia and Fort Benning is much different than the sales that I did previously with the major chemical company. Even though we have marketing support our major corporation of RE/MAX, most everything that we do we have to do on our own. So this is a short summary of some of the tips and tricks that I’ve learned in my years of selling homes in Columbus GA.

Marketing is vitally essential. Some methods are at little or no cost and other are very expensive. I’ve tried billboards and got noticed but no real tangible leads. I like the radio ads supporting our local Christian radio station 107.7, “The Truth Life”. and about the same time one of my clients complained about the quality of her pictures to market her house that had not yet sold. I thought the pictures were okay, but she pointed out some of them had poor lighting causing shadows. I immediately went out and bought a new Nikon camera that day. The most important secret behind my marketing and sales success the last eight years has been my webmaster, photographer and drone pilot. This gentleman has helped me immensely by being patient, professional and is a perfectionist at everything that he does. He maintains my website, tweaks all the property pictures, and has become an excellent drone pilot.

Again most local agents who sell homes in Columbus Georgia do not have a customized website, do not have a vehicle wrap, do not advertise, and do not have a drone capability. So my thanks go to Norman with Risner Web Design for helping me grow my business over the years. As I like to do things that are different from the average realtor,I’m always looking for an edge. For example, in our market is over 800 realtors selling homes in Columbus GA and I have one of the very few vehicle wraps in the whole city for my Ford Explorer. This vehicle was wrapped by my son almost 6 years ago and it looks great, (when washed), LOL. The vehicle wrap is basically a rolling billboard. I like the fact that I have vehicle the people know exactly what I do when I pull up in the yard and they can be rest assured that I’m a true professional. My wear logo shirts, so people can easily identify who I am and I always have my calling cards available well. So I guess what I’m saying is if you don’t have the 40 years of experience representing homes for sale in Columbus GA, then your learning curve will be longer than my transition into real estate.

Therefore, you need to have a proper business plan for selling homes in Columbus GA to be able to track and implement your progress. Your real estate license and training is just enough to “get you in trouble”. You best bet would be to have a “mentor” or be on a sales team. Sign up for additional sales training to develop your listening skills to be able to uncover client needs, wants and wishes. One the biggest secrets are the fact that you need to have 6 to 12 months of financial security in the bank before you can go from his real estate venture. You would not even begin to grasp, all the expenses as an independent contractor, paid via 1099 will add up quickly. You have your vehicle cost alone include: payments, insurance, fuel, maintenance, repairs as you could easily drive 10,000-30,000 miles per year. Additional expenses include your cell phone expenses, local board dues, state license expenses, (multiple states as well). If you work for major realty company you have your national fees and expenses. Also, you will have CE expenses as you do your continuing education that costs money as well.

You must go through code of ethics class every few years as well. To be successful, first and foremost, I recommend that you “go all in” and work fulltime not part-time as well. The full-time agents have a definite edge, because they know the marketplace, they may show some houses multiple times perhaps is so that they know the properties in the neighborhoods, so they learn the marketplace and see a wide array of property quality and pricing. With the largest listing of homes for sale in Phenix City AL, Columbus GA and Harris County GA, call me when you are ready to buy or sell your home. Making one call to the “Full Service Realtor” can make the difference of your home sitting on the market for a long time or sold within a reasonable time.

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