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This blog is based on my 40 years of experience representing homes for sale in Columbus GA, Harris County GA and Phenix City AL. While you may be offering a product or service, you must remember that you are in the “people business”, helping them get want they want or need. Several my most successful sales in the last few years have been from selling of a referral property from one of my “Power Team” members. Oftentimes, the initial person that referred me was a member of my local BNI chapter that stands for “Business Networking International”. Currently, I‟m the local chapter president of “Pacesetter‟s” in Columbus GA, Harris County GA, and Ft Benning. During the last 12 months, our team had a very successful year by selling $512,000 worth of referred business by our group members.

The housing, Power Team” in this group has been very instrumental in helping me represent homes for sale in Columbus GA. Our group currently meets each week at the Best Western Plus on Veterans Court every Thursday from 11:30 am-1:00 pm. Please be my guest any Thursday, and experience this powerful means. There also is a new Tuesday BNI group that meets at the Best Western-Plus at the same lunch times above. You will also have great food, fellowship and see a core group of successful professionals in action. In this group, we have a very diverse group of professionals including, but not limited to serving the Columbus GA, Ft Benning GA homes for sale:

  • mortgage lender
  • home remodeler & handyman
  • landscaping company
  • home stager organizer
  • closing attorney
  • residential home cleaning service
  • painting company
  • marketing company-logo merchandise
  • billboard sign marketing company
  • HVAC contractor
  • business banker
  • junk removal company

Each of these" Power Team” members have several spheres of influence at work, in their neighborhoods, churches, kids‟ schools, and sports teams. Therefore, one of the most cost effective lead generation methods is referrals, especially repeat type. I have referred the HVAC vendor and the remodeling vendor literally dozens of times during the last seven years. The most important factor in being able to feel comfortable referring another person or company is “TRUST” when it comes to homes for sale in Columbus GA, Harris County GA or Phenix City AL.

Without the “Trust Factor” it is not worth ruining your reputation. In our BNI chapter we can hold one another accountable for the quality of product or services provided. We also, have a vetting policy for new prospective, members so that we have “quality professionals” not just warm bodies filling chairs. The synergy of a group of successful professionals is absolutely infectious. Come check out one of our weekly meetings and you‟ll see how we can help you grow your business at an accelerated pace in a short time frame.

When you make application and are approved to join the chapter, you will then begin getting busies referrals to grow your business. Also, you choose any open category and you will have an exclusive seat at the table for years to come. The only requirement is to comply with the annual fee payments, the attendance policy and engagement and participation requirements. The key to a successful referral to representing homes for sale in the Columbus GA, Harris County GA, Ft Benning home market is to insure:

  • property hand-off of the referral (introduction is best), not just a card or phone call
  • on time appointments
  • timely follow-up
  • professional preparedness
  • professional bids
  • proper follow-up

If I give a vendor recommendation, to a buyer or seller in Columbus, GA, Ft Benning, GA, I am putting my reputation on the line when I recommend a company‟s products or services. I only use or recommend vendors that I trust, know and use personally. Additionally, they must a have proper business license, be fully insurance, be bonded professionals are all absolutely essential.

Several of these transactions that were supported by multiple members of our “Power Team in the Columbus GA, Harris County GA, Ft Benning were worth at times $20,000-$60,000+ combined profits from the success team effort. Also, due to the Chattahoochee Valley area being a major military community located in Columbus GA, Harris County GA and Ft Benning. We have thousands of military families “PCS‟ing” to and from Columbus, GA. Ft Benning, GA each year.

So to successfully, put these deals or transactions together it is paramount for me oftentimes be the lead facilitator. I enjoy this role as with my years of experience I can keep the project on track and negotiate my misunderstandings or conflict

I certainly know the stress, challenges, expense of moving for a new job, going off to a new school or training in your career as I‟ve moved over 22 times in my life. I have a large listing of homes for sale in Columbus GA, Harris County GA and Phenix City AL. So when you are ready to buy or sell a home in Columbus, GA, Ft Benning, make one call to Columbus‟ experienced “Full Service Realtor”:

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