The importance of a home for sale presale inspection in Columbus GA, Phenix City AL, Ft. Benning and Harris County GA.

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Most people with homes for sale in Columbus GA are not qualified to make all the necessary inspections or repairs needed to get their homes ready to sell. Therefore, a presale inspection is the specific core topic of this blog article. In fact, as a facilitator, I bring all the necessary parts to the puzzle together, during the presale process. I have dubbed myself as “The Full Service Realtor” in Harris County GA and Columbus GA. We as realtors are in the people business and just happen to be assisting buyers and sellers in the real estate process. Most realtors representing homes for sale in Columbus GA have very little sales experience, financial resources or the required skill set to succeed long term in real estate as a career.

In my real estate experience in the Ft Benning area, I have found that one of my secrets to my success with my new or potential listings is to have the seller do a presale inspection. This may sound unorthodox, but in fact it’s quite simple. I recommend to people with homes for sale in Columbus GA have a professional third-party home inspector thoroughly inspect their property. Please remember that the really good local third-party home inspectors are busy and often-times may be booked for one to two weeks in advance. Based on that alone, you will need to have a list of several, good, reliable, experienced home inspectors in the Harris County GA, Columbus, GA, and Ft Benning homes for sale.

Also, you will need to allow plenty of time prior to putting the property on the market to list or go active on the MLS. To do the proper presale inspection will identify shortcomings, get bids for repairs, and identify all items that will need to be addressed. Only with a qualified home inspector and professional handyman or trade vendors can the average homeowner get a house ready for homes for sale in Columbus, GA, Ft Benning area. By doing what I have addressed in this blog article weather you are the realtor or a homeowner, getting ready to sell their home will be in a much greater position for a timely, full priced offer at closing. The inspection report findings and the contractor bids to correct these findings will give you the scope of work, cost and timelines to complete this presale process.

Most people with homes for sale in Harris County GA and Columbus GA like move-in ready properties, but those that are handyman are looking for investment properties often buy properties an “as is condition”, with cash. Of course a major concern will depend on the seller’s budget and pocketbook and timelines available to make the identified repairs. By identifying any code violations, maintenance needs, peeling paint or rotten wood. or broken glass call all be identified and corrected before the buyer or the buyers inspector arrives.

Some items are obvious and others may take a trained professional especially for HVAC performance, roof useful life remaining, or upgrades to meet more recent code requirements. Any shortcomings not resolved could be a sign to scare off buyers as it could signal a poorly maintained home for sale in Columbus GA or additional costs to buyers later. Once we get the inspection report back, we can review with the seller and identify the items that we want to get bids. Most always sellers may have a limited budget or timeline to sell. The presale inspection, coupled with cost estimates will create a scope of work. By making these corrections, it’s less likely that the buyer’s inspector will find any issues to possibly derail the transaction.

Additionally, some handymen or vendors may agree to get paid at the closing table. If the home for sale in Harris County GA or Columbus GA does not close in a timely manner however, or if significant amounts of money are owed the vendor can put a mechanics lien on the property. This will inhibit the property to be sold unless this lien is paid. Also, it is vitally important as a professional realtor to maintain excellent relationships with all trade vendors for future needs. Invariably next time you need sometime is a rush and you owe the vendor money or are slow to pay, then you will really be in a difficult situation.

In our local market, (Columbus, GA, Ft Benning),most home inspectors charge $250-$350 for small to moderate size homes. Larger home costs are of course higher and may reach $350-$500 range. Presale inspections are worth every penny and helps you have pride in the home’s condition. If the seller has previously made out a sellers disclosure and additional finding are discovered, then by law the sellers MUST update the seller’s disclosure about items or issues that have now been brought to their attention. In summary, the best bet is to have your home for sale in Columbus GA ready by reading the following below:

  • Excellent curb appeal
  • Well maintained with no code violations
  • Fresh paint
  • Uncluttered & depersonalized
  • Service records for major appliances history or home warranties
  • Move-in ready
  • Generally neutral interior colors will coordinate with most any future buyers furniture
  • Last 2 most recent years of income tax returns

So if your are looking for homes for sale in Harris County GA, Ft. Benning GA or Columbus GA, make one call to Columbus’ experienced “Full Service Realtor”:

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